Term Conditions

Personal Information

TheSafePills.com acknowledges your right to keep your information confidential; we are committed to the protection of your information and privacy. Any information we collect is used to create an unrivaled opportunity to purchase your medication. You will be asked to create an account which includes your name, home and email address, and home or cell phone number. When you place your order you will be asked to provide a credit card for payment and a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

Your ordering information is encrypted to keep it secure. We will never authorize access to or release your personal information nor will we disclose any identifiable information to an outside source, unless we are required by law to do so.

TheSafePills.com Website Security Measures

TheSafePills.com encrypts your personal information when you place an order. Encryption makes it virtually impossible for your private information to be stolen during the transmission process. Payment information (credit card or e-check) is converted into a coded format and stored in a database that is separate from the website database.

Authorized use of Information

Use of TheSafePills.com confirms you are 21 years of age or older and authorizes the collection and use of certain personal information. The information we collect, how it is used, and the conditions in which it might be disclosed can be viewed on the Privacy Policy page. Any and all changes to TheSafePills.com privacy policy will be posted on the privacy policy page as well as on this page.


TheSafePills.com welcomes your comments about our services, products, and website. To ask a question or leave a comment, please contact us at: support@thesafepills.com. TheSafePills.com encourages you to leave feedback on your experience with our website and services on our Testimonial page.

Shipping Policy

Every effort is made to provide timely shipping. Orders are usually shipped within 2 business days; but we ask that you please allow up to 10 business days. If we are ever unable to ship within that time you will be notified. All orders are subject to additional shipping charges.

Orders can be shipped to:
Street address (all shipping methods)
PO Box located in the 50 United States (standard shipping only)
APO/FPO US Military address* (standard shipping only)
*Please Note: Shipping to a APO/FPO address maybe delayed.

TheSafePills.com Policies are Subject to Change

TheSafePills.com reserves the right to make changes to our Policies and increase shipping charges without advance notice.

Shipping Address

The most recent shipping address on file will be supposed to be your default address. Changes may be made to your shipping address by selecting the Change Shipping Address drop down menu list by signing into your account or during checkout. You may select a different address or add a new shipping address.
Please note: Any changes to your shipping address will not change the shipping address on orders that are being processed.

Trademarks and Brand Names

To help our customers save on the their pharmaceutical needs Thesafepill.com only promotes and sells generic medications; the use of brand names on our website are for comparison purposes only and does not suggest nor implies that TheSafePills.com sells any brand name drugs now or in the future. TheSafePills.com has no connection or affiliation with any of the manufacturers of brand name drugs.

TheSafePills.com does not endorse any brand name drug mentioned on our website. Brand name drug information is supplied for informational purposes only and is shared information purposes only.
TheSafePills.com bears no legally responsibility for the use of any drug mentioned on our website.

TheSafePills.com Drug Policy

TheSafePills.com is a dispenser of generic and alternative medications. We do not sell any brand name medications.  Any mention of a brand name drug is for comparison purposes only; it is not a recommendation for or an attempt to sell the brand name product.

In addition, TheSafePills.com is not responsible for the actions of or the use of medications by the purchaser. Furthermore, all drugs purchased from TheSafePills.com are for personal use only. TheSafePills.com is not responsible for penalties for non-compliance to laws and regulations of the consumer's home country.

TheSafePills.com does not sell nor will it ship any drugs classified as a narcotic or controlled substance. Controlled substances are drugs or chemicals that are regulated by a government; this includes the manufacturing of, possession of, or the use there of.

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