Drug Policy

What are Generic Drugs?

Generic Drugs are identical to medication offered by any brand in their safety, strength, characteristic, quality, administration, dosage, and the intended use. The chemical formulation of generic drugs is identical to that of the brand name equivalent. The only point of difference is that generic drugs are sild at a comparatively lower prove range. 

To find out a generic equivalent of any brand-name drug, you can search on our website by the brand name or the medicine you are searching for, or the ailment that it is used to treat. All the generic medicines contain the very same active ingredients that are used in the brand-name medicines. The generic medicines have just the same effect after consumption. The WHO, FDA, and other major regulatory bodies have made it mandatory for the drugs to have the same quality of strength, quality, stability and purity as the brand-name drugs have. 

There are a lot of brand-name drugs that do not have generic drugs. There are some drugs that are protected by the patent which usually last for about 20 years and making generic drugs out of patented drugs is impossible. The patent doesn’t allow the making and selling of drugs anywhere else till the time patent exists. Once the patent expires, other pharmaceutical companies are given the liberty to sell the generic version of the respective drugs. It is mandatory for the manufacturers to test the generic drugs and only sell it after the approval of any drug regulatory body is received. 

Manufacturing of drugs involves a lot of capital. The generic drug manufacturers may or may not be having that amount of cost for R&D as generic drugs cost a lot less than the medicines offered by expensive brands. Generic medicines have to meet with the same set of stringent rules that the branded medicines have to go through in order to receive approval. These standards are:

  • The generic medicines must meet the strength, identity, quality, strength and purity requirements 

  • It is mandatory that the active ingredient in the medicine must be same for generic medicines 

  • Inactive ingredients can be different 

  • The drugs should be identical in dosage, administration and the strength 

  • Precautions and warning sets in the generic drugs should be identical to that of brand-name medicines 

Customers can save a lot on every purchase of generic drugs. 

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